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30 09, 2015

Job Safety and Health – It’s the Law!

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In April of this year, OSHA released a new version of the “Job Safety and Health -- It’s The Law!” poster detailing workers’ rights and employers’ obligations. The poster, which can be downloaded for free [...]

28 09, 2015

Improve Your Safety Inspection Processes

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Over time, your safety inspection mechanisms can begin to feel routine for employees, establishing a sense of complacency that can lead to serious oversights and false confidence in inspection and reporting techniques. If you see [...]

25 09, 2015

What’s Involved in an OSHA Inspection?

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* This article has been edited from the original to reflect recent changes in the maximum OSHA Fine Being on the receiving end of an OSHA inspection can be a scary experience. However, when an OSHA [...]

24 09, 2015

OSHA, SCHC Advise Against Anticipating GHS Revisions

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The Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is currently under revision for the sixth time. OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard (HCS) aligns with the 3rd revision, and will be updated over time [...]

22 09, 2015

Increase Your Near Miss Reporting

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Near misses outnumber actual incidents in any workspace, but it is hard to quantify by exactly how much without a solid reporting program in place. According to a 1993 study in Professional Safety, “Near Miss [...]