Hazardous Waste Management Software

Waste is generated in any industry and must be tracked and disposed of properly. Accurate waste type tracking ensures safer workplaces. No waste is unknown or unaccounted for. Waste regulations are strictly enforced and management can become costly and overwhelming.

Our Hazardous Waste Management Software allows waste to be tracked from the moment it is encountered to shipment offsite.

The first step in hazardous waste management is to monitor the generation of waste. You are able to identify what the waste is, its origin, and the possible components included. Each type is assigned a Waste Steam ID, which is a basic description of physical and chemical characteristics that any specific batch of waste has. All types of waste corporate wide can be tracked and drilled down based on this ID, allowing a summary of waste type at a glance.

The next step in hazardous waste management is waste storage and shipment preparation. To ship any waste, an appropriate container must be tracked and identified. The system logs all waste containers based on location and area. Each container is entered with tare weight and max capacity, allowing the company to be certain of how much weight is currently in the container for shipping costs. You are also able to determine waste consolidation by searching for common waste types and partial waste containers.

Waste is then picked up by a contractor. You may choose to filter waste by age of waste as well as max capacity of your in stock tanks and containers. This helps manage frequency of waste pickups. Once requested, approval is granted based on characterization match, capacity in storage area, and the offsite shipment schedule. A contractor will be scheduled and shipment plan will be generated. This includes manifest generation, and empty waste container delivery planning. This ensures no lag time once the contractor arrives, essentially minimizing costs with contractors that charge hourly.

Once waste has left the site, all reports are available directly in the module. This allows sites to review all reports and resolve any discrepancies easily.

hazardous waste management process

Key features

  • By having a Waste Type ID tracking system, all waste is catergorized ensuring a safe workplace as well as efficient waste management.
  • Waste shipment is simplified. Contractor scheduling and shipment plans are built in.
  • Cloud-based Waste Manifest generation

Streamlining hazardous waste management from start to finish ensures that all waste is handled appropriately and efficiently.