Reliance Label Solutions

Unified Solution for SDS and Labeling

Reliance Label Solutions specializes in providing industrial container labels for harsh environment applications including the petroleum, chemical and environmental industries. For over 30 years it has proudly served petroleum refiners and marketers, chemical manufacturers, chemical distributors, and general industrial markets. Its chemical drum labeling solutions meet GHS, HazCom and IMDG labeling requirements. Reliance was the first U.S. label manufacturer to offer BS 5609 Section 2 & 3 certified label materials for sheet-fed laser, two-color thermal transfer, inkjet and continuous-form color lasers. It also offers printers and printer consumables to ensure customers have everything to meet their labeling needs.

Through this working partnership between Reliance and Quantum, two industry leaders come together to provide a unified solution that will increase productivity and accuracy for chemical, petroleum and environmental industries customers. Quantum Compliance, will provide GHS-compliant SDS (Safety Data Sheets) authoring software, and Reliance Labeling Solutions, will provide complementary labeling software for chemical packaging.

What makes our working partnership so robust is that both Reliance and Quantum have years of experience in the market. We are aware of the practical implementation details both of generating accurate SDS and creating compliant labels at scale, while addressing the variables in re-packaging.

Now through this partnership sharing we can offer one seamless process to our customers for generating SDS and then immediately beginning to label. By integrating the specialty software of each of our firms, efficiencies can be gained for our customers. CONTACT us to learn more.