Safety Observation Software

Report, track, and prevent unsafe work conditions – right from your phone! 

  • Increase the efficiency of your safety programs
  • Improve the safety of your workplace
  • Expand your access to key safety data
  • Minimize your exposure to risk

Quantum’s Safety Observation Software is here to put your data to work!

Safety observation mobile app screenshots

Safety Can Be Hard Work

  • How do you find safety issues before they result in an incident?
  • How do you promote a culture of safety and prevent apathy?
  • How do you ensure that safety issues are being corrected efficiently?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your safety program?

Quantum is Here to Help!

  • Identify underlying safety issues with predictive analytics
  • Engage workforce directly in the safety management process
  • Improve safety by targeting corrective actions with real data
  • Verify the impact of your safety program in real time

Why our clients love Quantum software


What our clients are saying

During the discernment and evaluation process you stayed in touch but were not “pushy”. Quantum team were timely in responding to any request. I felt like we could work together well and develop a mutually beneficial business partnership relationship.
Scott, LHB Industries
I have been working with the Quantum MSDS Authoring system for more than 15 years. My experience with Quantum have always been positive. Quantum is a very user friendly software. I am especially impressed with the exceptional technical supports provided by Quantum’s technical staff.
Antoria, Lubricating Specialties Company