Waste Manifest and Labeling

Uniform Hazard Waste Manifest and Labeling

The US government has created specific sets of paperwork that must be filled out before any hazardous materials can be transported for disposal. With Quantum Compliance’s waste manifest and labeling software, this documentation is easy because you enter data only once.

What are our key features and benefits?

Automated Form Generation

Easily create Outbound Waste Manifest forms with data auto-population, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Integrated Labeling System

Seamlessly transfer manifest data to labels without additional input, enhancing efficiency.

Comprehensive Data Storage

Store an unlimited number of forms and waste records, allowing for easy access and retrieval.

Enhanced Data Entry

Utilize features like copy-add to swiftly replicate relevant data across multiple forms, reducing manual entry.

Significantly Saves Time and Expense

Streamline waste manifest creation, search, sorting, and organization processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings, with minimal staff training needed.

Standardized Forms Reduce Risks

Standardized forms help transporters become familiar with the waste manifest, limiting errors, and significantly reduces the risk that shipments will be rejected at their destination. Forms are printed in DOT-compliant format.

Intuitive storage system

Store both hazardous material and destination information. Easily save forms to refer to at a later time, and retrieve for internal and external reasons, including government inspections.

Auto-populated Data and Electronic Signing

Our software includes automation of frequently used data an “add copy” feature that automatically populates data, drastically reducing the time spent on form filling. Documents can be electronically signed so they are ready to ship when completed.

Hazardous Waste Labeling

Quantum’s waste manifest and labeling software will aid in the safe handling of hazardous waste and the proper labeling of containers used for hazardous waste. Proper labeling ensures that containers are compliant and easily identifiable, thus minimizing the risk.

The software supports 28 types of labels from leading vendors, including hazardous, non-hazardous, universal, and non-RCRA waste labels.

Labels can be printed from the manifest data already in the system, with the click of a button.

What are our values?

Web-Based Accessibility

Access and manage hazardous waste documentation from any device with internet connectivity, increasing flexibility and mobility.

Simplified Record Keeping

Maintain accurate, real-time records and a comprehensive online database of manifests, facilitating efficient risk assessment.

Facilitated Compliance

Ensure adherence to federal regulations with streamlined processes for creating standardized documents and managing hazardous material information.

Multi-User Collaboration

Enable multiple users within a facility to operate the software, promoting teamwork and simplifying process management.
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