Behavior Based Safety Observations

The BBSO Module focuses on fostering a culture of safety by encouraging employees to report and observe safe behaviors. It promotes positive safety habits and helps prevent accidents.

Report, track, and prevent unsafe workplace condition right from Q-Hazard Reporting App



  • Improve the effectiveness of BBSO programs
  • Increase employee engagement and foster a culture of safety
  • Changing Habits is Hard; Quantum Makes it Easier
  • Helps you to achieve safety goals


  • Provides dashboard reports to help users identify trends
  • Mobile app for online and offline use
  • Customized checklist, tailored to your company
  • Summary Report

Quantum Compliance’s Behavior-Based Safety Observations (BBSO) program is a proactive approach to workplace safety management. It focuses on observing and analyzing employees’ behaviors in the workplace to identify potential safety risks and implement preventive measures.

The BBSO program operates on the principle that most workplace accidents are a result of unsafe behaviors rather than unsafe conditions. By closely monitoring and recording employees’ actions, Quantum Compliance aims to identify patterns or trends of risky behaviors and intervene before accidents occur.

This process involves not just observation but also engaging with employees, providing feedback, and educating them on safe practices. The BBSO program is a collaborative effort, encouraging participation from all levels of the organization to foster a culture of safety awareness and continuous improvement in workplace safety standards.

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