Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Our Incident Module allows you to easily report and manage workplace incidents, accidents, or near-misses. It helps streamline incident reporting, investigation, and resolution processes to enhance workplace safety.



Guided Incident Documentation

Streamline incident reporting with structured fields to ensure comprehensive and accurate data capture for a variety of situations.

Real-Time Evidence Attachment

Enable users to attach supporting evidence like photographs directly within the report, enhancing the depth of incident analysis.

OSHA Compliance Support

Facilitate compliance with OSHA 300 reporting requirements through meticulous data compilation, simplifying regulatory adherence.

Integrated Reporting and Analysis

Automatically generate detailed reports and analyses post-incident, providing insights for informed decision-making and preventive measures.

Identify root cause of safety incidents

Prevent repeat incidents

Identify root cause of safety incidents

Reduce administrative costs

All of which serve to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s safety program.

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Quantum’s web-based Incident Reporting Software prompts users to enter relevant details when documenting incidents, and then provides a full report and analysis. With both pre-determined and customizable fields, the module guides users through entering required information, accurately tracking a wide range of situations from chemical spills to multi vehicle accidents, and more.

Users capture essential details in real time to accurately output a full report and analysis. Evidence such as photographs or receipts can be attached within the module for further investigation.

Companies that are required to complete OSHA 300 forms will easily meet compliance regulations with the information compiled using the Incident Reporting Module. The module also supports sending automatic messages and reminders to ensure a timely and accurate response to incidents.

Once an incident has been successfully reported, additional steps are necessary to prevent future occurrences and raise overall safety standards. Continue the natural workflow with Quantum’s Investigation and Corrective Action Software.

Seamlessly integrated with the Incident Reporting Module, the Investigation and Corrective Action Module utilizes incident-related information, and then generates reports and analyses that recommend the best corrective actions to take. The module also generates root cause and corrective action forms to ensure every event is thoroughly evaluated.


Efficient Compliance Records

Quickly access and demonstrate OSHA compliance with centralized incident and injury records, enabling clear visibility of safety trends and corrective actions.

Streamlined OSHA Reporting

Simplify compliance with immediate logging and organization of incident information, ensuring OSHA 300 and 300A forms are readily accessible and consistent.

Customizable Reporting Fields

Provide flexibility with both pre-set and customizable fields, allowing for tailored reporting that meets specific organizational needs.

Automated Notifications

Ensure timely incident response with automatic messages and reminders, promoting prompt action and resolution.

Centralized Incident/Injury Records

OSHA requires accurate record keeping. When OSHA knocks on your door, the Incident Reporting Module quickly pulls information to demonstrate your compliance. Utilizing customized ID’s, your data is only a few clicks away. The module has the ability to generate comprehensive reports allowing managers to clearly see long- term trends in their safety culture and if necessary, implement corrective actions to improve.

Compliance with OSHA Reporting Requirements

All relevant information can be immediately logged into the Module. The software will track and organize the information logged so the information is at your fingertips when needed. OSHA 300 and 300A forms are kept in a centralized location so the workplace injury log and summary can be consistent across multiple access points.

Motor Vehicle Accident Incident and Investigation

Company vehicles are a major investment. Incidents involving company vehicles not only damages the value of the vehicles, but puts the employee and any passengers at major safety risks. All crashes should be immediately reported in detail. The software allows provides users a centralized and organized platform, so investigators can review details of the accident, investigate possible root causes, determine if the accident was preventable, and implement corrective actions. All documented details remain logged in the system so company managers can review past instances and prevent future ones from occurring.

Keyword Search of Incident Records

Via the Internet or your intranet, immediately access details from the scene of an incident by searching records using keywords. The Investigation & Corrective Action Module eliminates wasted time so you can begin investigating.

Corrective Action Accountability

Once the incident has been logged and investigated, a corrective action will be logged into the system to notify who must complete the task and when the task must be completed, and if the task was completed in the time specified.
With reminders on who, when, and why a corrective action needs to be done, and if the corrective action was done, you will know if and when your employees are improving in safety.

When an incident occurs and workplace safety is compromised, employers and EHS managers must track multiple sources of information. To prevent repeat incidents from occurring, investigators then organize and document the details of the incident to determine the root cause.

Important details to document include:

  • What happened at the scene
  • Post-incident OSHA 300 form information
  • Audit information
  • Employee statistics on completion of corrective actions.
    Not documenting these details places a company in non-compliance, and can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Using Quantum’s Incident Reporting and Investigation & Corrective Action Software, your company will be able to run and analyze comprehensive reports to improve workplace safety. Beyond the potential to save thousands in regulatory fines and worker compensation, these improvements will result in safer working conditions and ultimately boost company morale.

Additional functions include:

  • Unlimited users
  • Role assignment
  • Automatic messaging upon incident reporting
  • Automated reminders
  • Seamless integration with all Q-Safety Modules

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