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31 12, 2015

OSHA and Department of Justice to Enforce New Harsh Criminal Penalties

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Employers rarely face criminal charges for workplace health and safety violations, even when employees are killed. This will change as a new memorandum of understanding between the Department of Justice and OSHA was recently released. [...]

28 12, 2015

What to Focus on In Your Safety Meetings

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Emphasizing safety as a key structural part of your company is a great way to ensure that safety programs are maintained, and implementing regular safety and health meetings can be an effective way to make [...]

27 12, 2015

OSHA Renews Alliance to Protect Roadway Construction Workers

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OSHA recently renewed its alliance with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Roadway Work Zone Safety and Health Partners to protect roadway construction workers from injuries, illness, and fatalities while on [...]

26 12, 2015

Coca-Cola Refreshments USA Distributary Warehouse Fined Over $60,000

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On December 11, OSHA issued a set of 6 citations to the Coca-Cola distribution warehouse in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, levying several fines that totaled $61,600. There were four repeat violations and two serious ones, all of which [...]

22 12, 2015

Washington Report: The Weight of OSHA Inspections

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According to a plan announced at the 2015 National Safety Council Congress & Expo, OSHA will now be focusing less on tracking the actual number of inspections conducted. David Michaels, an administrator acting as spokesperson, [...]