Quantum Compliance booth at NSC 2015What an experience it was exhibiting at NSC 2015 in Atlanta! While there, we experienced the wide spectrum of safety products available on the market today – from fall protection equipment, to flame retardant PPE, to safety software, and more.  It was truly an inspiration to see so many people committed to the common goal of workplace safety.

As you know, Quantum Compliance offers safety software solutions for companies to better track and utilize data to improve safety culture across an organization.  Many exhibitors had booths set up with their safety products on display; we had laptops and tablets ready to demonstrate our newest software solution, Q-Safety

In the three days Quantum spent on the exhibition floor, we reconnected with old friends, made new connections, and gathered insights on current industry trends.  One major trend that we noticed was the increase in interest for safety software in recent years.  One person we spoke with even said that he didn’t even know safety software solutions existed until last year!  Safety managers are beginning to recognize the advantages of safety software versus the inefficiency of older systems such as paper or spreadsheet tracking.  Cloud-based technology and mobility were common points brought up by safety professionals interested in software.  The demand for immediate accessibility and transparent accountability is skyrocketing, and Q-Safety is ready to deliver.

The advantages of tracking safety via software extend beyond increasing efficiency.  With data available across the organization, companies can clearly define the value of safety.  Decision makers can quantify the value of safety and generate comprehensive reports to show the ROI of safety.  These reports will also allow safety professionals to become proactive in their safety programs.

We had the privilege of speaking in person with one of NSC 2015’s guest speakers, Kerry Bennert, Superintendent of HES–Safety at Grifols, about GHS and Hazard Communication.  We caught up with Mr. Bennert after his talk Risk Reduction: Using GHS Data to Improve Chemical Safety Awareness.  According to Mr. Bennert, although the June 1, 2015 deadline for manufacturers to convert their MSDSs has already passed, many companies have yet to convert to GHS-compliant SDSs.

We discussed the importance of converting into the new format and the reasons some companies still haven’t converted.  Aside from the heavy fines associated with being out of compliance, employers should convert as soon as possible. The GHS-compliant SDS format will improve hazard communication significantly and greatly benefit worker safety.  In the last year, Quantum has helped more than 200 companies become GHS compliantContact us today if you need assistance converting your MSDSs into GHS-compliant SDSs.

Overall, we had a great experience exhibiting at NSC 2015.  The safety industry is a community in which everyone involved is working toward a common goal: improving workplace safety.  What an honor it is to be a part of this community.  See you at NSC 2016 in Anaheim!