InspectionCompanies need to track changes in their work spaces and changing operation requirements that could lead to employee harm. The National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM) spoke on a need for daily management and periodic audits as a part of proper EHS compliance. NAEM members with strong safety records have focused on daily management and perform in depth audits. Committing to continual management review reduces the need of additional resources during audits, and contributes to a better understanding of the risks within each process.

Honeywell Aerospace’s Director of Compliance, Gregory Bopp, claims his team integrates programs into the company operating system and requires leaders to conduct daily inspections. This way, his company’s management is continuously looking to different operating levels to ensure compliance.

ISO 14001 environmental management systems can also help companies meet legal obligations and increase new business opportunities. Commitment to managing environmental impact wins costumer trust and shows a proactive approach to problem solving.

Engaging all levels of employees is a necessary practice for a successful EHS plan. Recognizing workers for following regulations and applying safe techniques is great practice for maintaining success in this area. A continual commitment to EHS pays off in terms of finding and fixing potential problems as they arise. Having a software platform, like Quantum’s, in place to perform large audits and track working conditions can also help businesses stay organized and maximize the efficiency of your EHS management approach.