Tips for Road Safety On and Off the JobIf you’re using Quantum’s comprehensive safety software, you may have noticed the Motor Vehicle Accident and Investigation Module.  This is a module that should not be overlooked; company vehicles are a major investment. Incidents involving company vehicles not only damages the value of the vehicles, but puts the employee and any passengers at major safety risks. All crashes should be immediately reported in detail. The software allows provides users a centralized and organized platform, so investigators can review details of the accident, investigate possible root causes, determine if the accident was preventable, and implement corrective actions. All documented details remain logged in the system so company managers can review past instances and prevent future ones from occurring.

Accidents are preventable, however, and so you should try to minimize the number of incidents you have to report by stopping them from occurring. Here are some road safety tips from David E. Young of to help you avoid as many dangerous incidents as possible:

  • Wearing a seat belt reduces your risk of fatality in the front seat by 40-50 percent.
  • An adult pedestrian’s risk of death when struck is under 20 percent if the driver who hits them is driving under 50 km/h (about 31 miles per hour).
  • Drivers using cell phones are about four times more likely to be involved in a crash than drivers who aren’t using cell phones.

Traffic incidents are a top cause of workplace fatalities, but road safety is also important outside the context of workplace accidents. According to EHS Today, 1.25 million people die annually in road traffic crashes across the world, and about half of those people aren’t even behind the wheel of a car. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists can protect themselves by being aware of their surroundings and staying in well-lit areas as well as staying alert.

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