Uniform Hazard Waste Manifest and Labeling Software

The US government has created specific sets of paperwork that must be filled out before any hazardous materials can be transported for disposal. With Quantum Compliance’s waste manifest and labeling software, this documentation is easy because you enter data only once.

The software’s intuitive organization is completely online, eliminating the need for physical storage space. Users can archive an unlimited number of forms for easy future retrieval. Every step of the process comes with an easy-to-use Help feature, giving detailed instructions for all actions. 

With Quantum’s Waste Manifest and Labeling software, transportation documents are better organized and more accurate. Access and store an unlimited number of forms from any device – computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

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All hazardous materials require government-regulated documentation to ensure materials are transported properly for disposal. The process to fill up the required documents can be daunting due to repeatedly entering same or similar data, the cumbersome formats of these documents, and potentially the use of an outdated document.

There could be many everyday challenges that can arise when working with hazardous material documents, such as when forms do not print properly, are difficult to locate, or require manual replication of basic data.
Quantum Compliance’s web-based waste manifest application streamlines this process and eliminate the challenges by creating standardized, easy-to-use forms for the transportation of hazardous materials.
As a web application, it allows users to access the form with a PC or an appropriate mobile device with Internet connection. It is designed to be intuitive and to keep accurate, up-to-date records. Users can store an unlimited number of forms with this web application. No matter how many forms you have, they can be easily retrieved with a few simple key words.

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Why Quantum?

Backed by three decades of experience, we developed this software with the end-user in mind. Compliant with Uniform Manifest, this application provides a user-friendly environment not only for creating documents but for editing them, storing information along the way for easy retrieval. Key Benefits & Features include:

  • Standardized forms in DOT-compliant format
  • Waste Labeling Support
  • Intuitive storage system & Data auto fill function
  • Electronic signature
  • Excellent customer support: Video Tutorials & Free Software Updates

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Great Features & Benefits

More System Features:

  • Compatible with any operating system or browser

  • Compliant with DOT Uniform Manifest standards

  • Built-in DOT hazardous materials table

  • Includes EPA and state waste codes, and Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

  • User-friendly interface to edit and update documents

  • Unlimited documents storage in a robust relational database and corresponding package markings/forms in the cloud

  • Export forms and continuation sheets (if any) to a PDF format on the cloud or a hard drive

  • Search and filter function with comprehensive search criteria

  • Help tab at every step for detailed instructions

  • Centralized data repository to organize information about your generators, transporters, TSDFs, and manifests

  • Print or export your contacts

  • Field smart population

  • Upload additional documents to your manifest or contacts

  • Snap-out forms and Pin-feed forms printing options (including continuation forms)

  • “Add Copy” feature that copies key fields and allows for editing

Software Overview


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Video Tutorials

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Search Criteria

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Printing the form

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