Canada GHSWorkplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Canada has a new standard for (Material) Safety Data Sheets. The new standard (WHMIS 2015) is based on the United Nations’ GHS standard, which is currently in use in the US.

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If you supply chemicals to the Canadian market, you must now comply with WHMIS.

SDS Authoring and Generation Software

Quantum’s SDS Authoring and Generation software allows you to author SDS that are compliant with the language and regulation elements of the existing Canadian WHIMS 2015 regulations and will continue to be compliant with the proposed GHS revision 7 updates. In addition to the Canadian SDS regulations, Quantum’s SDS authoring software allows you to author SDS compliant with world-wide regulations including those of the US, Europe, and most Asian countries.

Our software is ‘battle tested’. Quantum has been selling (M)SDS Authoring software since 1993.

The easy-to-learn module dramatically cuts time spent with SDS by standardizing the management process and streamlining the authoring and generation procedure. The SDS Authoring and Generation module integrates with existing ERP systems and ensures automatic compliance with current chemical regulatory requirements.

Even better, Quantum has designed the database structure to adjust to future regulations and compliance.The module will always be up-to-date and additional time and money will not be required for software updates.

Why Quantum?

Quantum can convert your outdated MSDS to GHS standards on a timely and cost-effective basis. In addition to these basic services, Quantum’s conversion services offer the following advantages:

WHMIS 2015 has taken effect on June 1st of 2018. Convert today!

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