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Generating Safety Data Sheets that meet the regulatory requirements of various countries and regions can be a time consuming process. It is not a one-size fits all proposition. And it is not just a mere “translation” from a version in English. To accurately generate regional SDS, you must start with the template for that region. This template must first incorporate the requirements for that particular region, then the content must be expressed in the official language of that particular country. That’s exactly what Quantum’s Smart Software does. It pro-actively identifies the correct format and populates content accurately without you having to be know all the particular regulation variations or be fluent in the specific language.
Generating Safety Data Sheets that meet the SDS regional regulations of various countries and regions can be a time consuming process.

The advantage for you? Using Quantum’s Q-SDS software helps you streamline the time it takes to generate GHS compliant regional SDS and improve communications amongst your regional partners. Because the SDS will be in their first language it will help in quickly accessing content and also more effectively fulfilling their responsibility to train their workers. Having the content communicated in the language of the region means worker’s will immediately understand the SDS content. This will promote greater safety in the workplace.

Applying Smart Software

With 30+ years of EHS experience, Quantum is ready to provide you with maximum effectiveness to meet your regional regulations SDS needs.  We’d like the opportunity to show you how our smart software can make a real difference in your compliance and productivity. To find out more, please be in touch with Steve Russie, Quantum USA’s Director of Product Management, at

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