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Are you looking for safety on the next level?

Look no further with Q-Chem Premium. Q-Chem Premium begins with all of the elements of Q-Chem Essential–SDS Management, GHS Workplace Labels, List of Lists access and Inventory reporting.
But then Q-Chem Premium adds even more value. Features like chemical authorization, chemical exposure assessment, chemical control banding and chemical facility mapping make this a robust tool for broader chemical management needs.
Let’s take a look at the Q-Essential and Q-Premium plans in more detail.
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If you are keeping track of 50 SDS or more, in a binder, or electronically, Q-Chem Essential can help you sleep better tonight. It will equip you to be more productive, save time, and will eliminate that nagging worry in the back of your mind that asks, “Are we meeting regulations and minimizing risk in the best possible way?”

Q-Essential Provides:

  • Comprehensive dashboards where you can see all of your locations on 1 interactive screen
  • Powerful search tools that make all of your SDS immediately accessible to anyone at your facility. The landing screen provides a summary of all your locations and identifies the number of chemicals as well as related SDS you have by location. Simply click on a location and see all of your chemicals and related SDS.
  • On site, your team will be able to scan a QR code from their mobile phone that will take them to the SDS portal where they can access all of your SDS digitally.
  • 87 List of Lists covering the world.
  • If you are batching product and need to generate GHS Workplace Labels, you can automatically print labels right from the SDS information you’ve already input. 3 GHS-compliant workplace label templates are provided that range from 1 to 8 labels per page.
  • Inventory management tools and hazard classification.

Q-Premium Will Provide all of the above Plus the Following Features:

Advanced SDS Management

Q-Chem Premium provides the ability to have an external link where you can automatically post your SDS to your website. This gives all interested parties direct access to the SDS you choose to post.

Chemical Authorization

Q-Chem’s Chemical Authorization process allows your firm to enforce a disciplined procedure around their acquisition process to confirm that the chemicals being considered are fully understood in regard to usage, storage methods and compatibility and disposal. This streamlined and flexible process also allows for user defined authorization questionnaires which can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Q-Chem Premium package includes chemical authorization process.

In addition to this, a journal module is also provided for your employees to write any notes or concerns. From here, you can decide whether or not to approve and signoff. This purchasing authorization feature provides an efficient and effective chemical management process where each step can easily be followed and reviewed.

Chemical Exposure Assessment

This feature’s goal is to be in compliance with specific country regulations and market needs while utilizing chemical management data. The key tools in this feature include environment monitoring, quantitative model estimation, and chemical control banding.

Chemical Exposure Assessment Workflow

Q-Chem Premium package includes chemical exposure assessment.

Chemical Control Banding

Q-Chem’s Chemical Control Banding feature is a chemical risk assessment and rating method that evaluates hazards based on levels of risk and probability of exposure. This method leads to ratings that help you see what the appropriate PPE and handling instructions are by item.

Q-Chem Premium package includes chemical control banding feature.

Facility Mapping

Quantum’s Facility Mapping feature helps you quickly obtain chemical information, reduce costs electronically, and strengthen risk control. It can also add and adjust chemical placement or similar exposure groups in real time, enabling you to take quick and effective emergency response measures should you ever need too.

Q-Chem Premium package includes facility mapping feature.

Q-Chem Fits Your Budget

You can start with Q-Chem Essential at only $150/month.

For larger firms that need to manage your chemical lifecycle at scale, Q-Premium is only $500/month.

How do you assess the value? Well, considering that you could spend an hour or two of time trying to find SDS if they were in paper binders or even more time if they were misplaced, these cost savings alone would cover the monthly software fee. Plus, you can have the peace of mind that you are meeting regulations and minimizing risk (which if you don’t could run well into the thousands of dollars in fines). Firms of larger scope need the Q-Premium solution to achieve the target of best practice chemical management, best practices that protect the entire organization at every phase of the chemical lifecycle.

Are you ready to take your company’s chemical management to the next level?

Start Today with Q-Chem.

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