Safety Audit Software

Do you ever experience the following problems when you conduct safety audits?

  • Regulatory audit failure, with associated fines
  • Lack of a systematic approach to conducting audits
  • Challenges tracking who is responsible for each Audit task, when the task must be performed, and the completion status of each task.

If so, you may be exposed to productivity loss, increased liability, or even fines.

Quantum Safety Audit Software enables users to conduct self-audit to assess the effectiveness of policies and procedures by assigning and tracking completion status of audits, offering tools for evaluating audit findings. Safety Audit Software assists in assigning, tracking, and assessing the effectiveness of corrective action plans based on audit findings. This will improve safety and reduce corporate liability.

Our software provides users with a flexible audit tracking solution:

  • Ability to issue corrective action programs
  • Tools to generate a variety of reports
  • Step-by-step guidance to conducting an audit
  • Automatic scheduling of audit tasks
  • Track completion status of audit tasks

Quantum Audit Software increases efficiency and effectiveness of
your company’s safety program

Key Features

  • Pre-populated audit protocols

  • User defined questions, forms and checklists

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Multimedia attachments – record pictures, audio, and video.

  • Initiate corrective actions directly from the review of audit findings

  • Supports automatic, role-based assignment

  • Provides email notifications for all activities

Quantum Audit software dashboard screen

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