Safety Inspection Management Software

To maintain an effective safety program, companies should conduct regular scheduled internal inspections. Conducting internal inspections allows safety managers to identify and eliminate safety hazards. Internal inspections also prepare companies for safety audits, should OSHA or other regulatory authorities arrive on-site to conduct one.

Do you ever experience the following problems?

  • Inability to compare results of one inspection to the results of another
  • Ambiguity of what needs to be inspected
  • Lack of consistent quality of inspections
  • Uncertainty over what regulations apply to each inspection

If so, you may be exposed to productivity loss, increased liability, or even fines.

With Quantum Safety Inspection Management software, EHS you could easily build your systematic approach to safety inspections. Our software provides users with a flexible inspection tracking solution:

  • Continuously track the maintenance status of all equipment
  • Regularly confirm that best safety practices are being upheld
  • Enable any employee to conduct an inspection that meets regulatory and industry standards
  • Identify safety issues before an incident occurs
  • Mobile and offline functionality, for easier on-site access.

Quantum Inspection Management Software increases efficiency and effectiveness of
your company’s safety program

Key Features

  • User defined questions and forms

  • Dashboard Reporting features

  • Automatically initiate corrective action programs

  • Role-based task assignments

  • Generate and print custom inspection reports

  • Automatically send email notifications

  • Perform calculation of safety metrics, cause analysis, and predictive analysis

  • Mobile app for online and offline use

  • safety inspection management software dashboard screen
  • safety inspection management software reports screen

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