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Founded in 1963, Nan Pao is Taiwan’s most reputable chemical manufacturer. Over the past century, the company has been producing adhesives, coatings, construction chemical resins, and specialty chemicals. Its operations span across Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia, and Australia, with 23 factories in 7 countries. The company’s main revenue comes from its adhesive and coating products, especially the “shoe glue” used for sports shoes. This product not only holds the world’s largest market share but also serves as the primary supplier for major brands such as Nike and Adidas.

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Nan Pao places great emphasis on research and development and takes the highest environmental and safety standards seriously.

The company’s commitment to environmental protection is evident in the fact that 86% of its sales are low-impact products, and all export products comply with RoHS and REACH regulations. In 2020, the company officially received bluesign certification and became a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERSHIP. This achievement represents Nan Pao’ years of breakthroughs in chemical research and its efforts to find the best environmental-friendly practices.

Quantum’s expertise in chemicals meets Nan Pao’s needs.

Nan Pao continues to enhance its professional capabilities and strengthen its R&D team, with an annual R&D expenditure of nearly $500 million and around 300 R&D and technical support personnel. The company is committed to continuous research and development of new products while upholding its principles of safety and environmental sustainability. Nan Pao is well aware of chemical safety management and has over 7,000 types of chemicals, of which about 2,000 are commonly used. Previously, the company had to write many safety data sheets every day, as they had to calculate the toxicity of each ingredient, and sometimes, couldn’t even finish writing one sheet in a day. To solve this problem, Nan Pao began looking for SDS software that meets its needs. After considering three to four software vendors, they chose Quantum because its product features and services fit Nan Pao’s requirements and indirectly led to Nan Pao obtaining bluesign verification. Quantum has become an important partner for providing chemical information to Nan Pao.

Quantum’s system can solve the problem of inconsistent toxicological data.

Before using the Quantum software, all researchers individually created safety data sheets, and each department used ingredient data obtained from internet searches, which often led to different results. This made it difficult for the company to manage chemicals, caused problems with exports, and led to customer doubts. After using the system, if there is a new ingredient, Quantum will seek out credible data through official channels, assist in building a database, and update it in real-time.

Supporting multiple languages and complying with various regulations from different countries saves time and ensures compliance.

Nan Pao has been using the Quantum SDS software for more than 4 years now, and just upgraded to the latest version, SDS V.11, in November 2022. This is a cloud-based SaaS version that is easy to operate with a user-friendly interface. The software contains a database of 160,000 chemical substances and complies with chemical regulations in the US, EU, and other regions, as well as various language versions. The SDS documents produced by Nan Pao now fully meet the requirements of customers, especially those requiring Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English. The system supports these languages, saving a lot of manual work and ensuring that the SDS documents comply with regulations in different countries, which is of great help to both the R&D department and the environmental health and safety department of the company.

As environmental awareness increases, customs and customers in different countries have stricter requirements for suppliers to provide correct SDS documents as proof that their products do not contain hazardous chemicals. Due to the large number of chemical ingredients used by Nan Pao, a system that can correctly and compliantly generate SDS documents according to different regional regulations is necessary. Compared with using paper/electronic spreadsheets for management, the biggest advantage of the software is the reduction in management costs and the improvement in operational efficiency. In addition, the Quantum SDS software automatically backs up data on a regular basis, so companies do not have to worry about data loss due to natural disasters or other unforeseen events.

Nan Pao continuously strives to cultivate sustainable development for the environment with the assistance of Quantum Compliance.

With Quantum’s help, the toxic substance data and SDS from each department are unified and compliant with the GHS and international chemical management regulations. Thus, Nan Pao can continue to emphasize chemical safety management with Quantum by better protecting customers and consumers, fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and practicing its commitment to environmental sustainability.

To find out more about how Quantum’s software can streamline compliance, improve efficiency, and provide real-time data visibility, please be in touch with Steve Russie, Quantum USA’s Director of Product Management, at steven.russie@usequantum.com.

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