Advance Your Training with Safety Training Tracking

Monitoring your critical touch points

Across industries, on-going training is absolutely critical for ensuring the quality of your product, the safety of your people and compliance with governmental regulations. It starts with a cultural commitment on the part of your leadership team to make training part of your on-going behaviors in your business—from on-boarding new employees to job development and certifications. But to really see productivity and safety gains, safety training must be coupled with training tracking.

The Impact of Safety Training Tracking

Training Tracking directly benefits both your organization and your team. It strengthens your organization by equipping you to know what is happening in training throughout your organization by individual. You will have a complete picture of your training status. For your team, they will be more informed about their progress and ultimately more equipped to advance based on their success on the job.

Investing in your employees

The skills, knowledge and contributions of your people are indeed the most important assets of your firm. Training and development opportunities are an investment in your staff. Offering training to your employees and an efficient system to track their progress will ultimately promote greater productivity, increase enthusiasm about the work environment and loyalty to your organization long term.

Achieving Compliance while Ensuring Safety

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), lack of training is a significant cause to workplace injuries. To establish procedures and protocols for jobs and tasks is not enough. Employers must track and ensure their employees receive proper EHS training on the procedures and on how and when to use them. Supervisors need to ensure that all employees understand the protocols and demonstrate that they can follow them routinely to avoid any possible incidents.

Reducing costs

An organization that doesn’t train and monitor the employee training should expect an increase in expenses including:

  • Additional costs from potential OSHA fines
  • Delays based on poor performance at regulatory audits
  • Cost of medical attention for staff because of injuries
  • Cost of defending the company against lawsuits from employees who feel their injury was the result of inadequate EHS training
How can Quantum’s Training Tracking software help?

In contrast to managing with a spreadsheet which is time consuming and lacks both efficiency and the assurance that your records are complete, Quantum’s Training Tracking module provides your training organization a clear path for optimizing your safety training.

Quantum’s Training Tracking software helps your firm:

  • Monitor progress and build competencies that contribute to the overall company goals

Quantum’s Training Tracking dashboard provides high-level training data including unfulfilled training requirements, scheduled tasks, and more.

  • Access safety training requirements for all employees and track training requirements MMI (Man Machine Interface)

Quantum’s Training Tracking program allows users to assign training tasks by job, task, facility or business unit.

  • Generate concise and timely progress reports
  • Accurately track expiration dates for an employee’s training certificates
  • Automatically update certificates after training

It benefits your employees because they can:

  • View an individualized training calendar and receive task reminders on both web and mobile app

Training Tracking allows users to schedule classes by defining a lesson, time, place, instructor, and a list of attendees.

  • Retrieve course materials, grades, and attendance records

Users can use certificate management to log employees’ certificates information and get reminder before expiration date.

  • Quickly access individual records of training completion

By accessing these key features, Quantum Training Tracking software will enhance the value of your safety training program and strengthen your organization’s performance.

Smart software for a safer world


Please be in touch if you have questions about how we can help you best manage your training tracking.


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