Converting your SDS requires more than chewing through the Purple Book. You must consider the opportunity cost when you shift resources for one priority over the other. So, is it worth it to do SDS conversion in-house?

YES, if you:

• Have internal resources for the time required to perform the conversion,

• Are knowledgeable about the regulatory ramifications and rule sets of the GHS classification of chemicals and labels,

• Understand the nuances between regulatory templates and country-specific guidelines, AND

• Take the time to study the 3rd edition of the Purple Book (5th revision published in 2013).

NO, if you:

• Do not meet one or all of the above criteria,

• Manage an operation that is resource-constrained, and the cost for allocating existing resources to perform GHS conversion is higher than outsourcing it.

MAYBE if you:

• Meet the criteria under the “Yes” section,

• Have fewer than 150 MSDSs that require conversion, or

• Are willing to approve overtime so your staff can deliver the conversion work while fulfilling their daily responsibilities.

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