Hazardous Waste Electronic Waste Manifest System (e-Manifest)


The EPA has instituted a nation-wide electronic waste manifest system. The system stores and tracks waste shipment data from across the country, making information more available to both stakeholders and the general public.

For many businesses, the transition to e-Manifest will be slow and costly. Investing in an electronic waste manifest system today can keep your operations running smoothly during this transitionary period.

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What is e-Manifest?

The EPA wants to modernize and streamline the waste manifest filing process, by allowing firms to store and submit the forms electronically. This gives the EPA a powerful low-cost tool for tracking waste shipments.

The e-Manifest system allows the EPA and various stakeholders (Generators, Transporters, and TSDRFs) to track waste stream information in real time. This system will is similar to how commercial package shipments can be tracked by the recipient.

E-Manifest data will be available to the general public on a several-week delay. This will help communities and individuals make better informed decisions regarding this previously opaque policy area.

What does e-Manifest Mean for You?

The Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act was signed into law and went into effect on October 5th, 2015, but actual implementation was stymied by technical difficulties and politics. The EPA’s RCRAInfo e-manifest site went online in July of 2018.

  • Adopters of the e-Manifest standard will have to change to accommodate the paperless system. This will require software on the generators’ and TSDRF’s ends, as well as some kind of mobile app for the transporters. Integrating these software systems into your firm’s workflow will cost time and money.
  • Many firms will probably choose to continue using the old forms. The EPA will allow this, but will still require that an e-Manifest be submitted to their system.
  • The e-Manifest system is planned to be zero-cost for the EPA, which means all the costs of operating the system will be passed on to the users. To that end, the EPA will be charging the treatment facility a per-manifest fee from $5 to $15 depending on the format submitted.
  • The EPA’s e-manifest system does not negate the DOT’s regulation to provide a paper manifest with each shipment!

How Can Quantum Help?

Quantum’s cloud-based Waste Manifest application provides user with full electronic waste manifest functionality.

  • Generate, store, and print uniform waste manifest documents to comply with DOT regulations.
  • Submit fully electronic or hybrid manifests to the EPA’s e-Manifest system with the push of a button.
  • All data is stored online, so you can work from anywhere.
  • Responsive design allows for easy use on any device.
  • Electronic records will integrate seamlessly with e-Manifest system.

By using Quantum, you can put your company ahead of the regulatory curve, and adopt the new standard gradually to minimize cost and confusion.

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