Improving Workplace Safety During Reopening After COVID-19

After businesses reopen, observing workplace safety is the best way to protect employees and customers. Some states have also required employers to develop a preparedness in response to COVID-19 safety guidelines. However, you might experience the following challenges.

  • Complicated instructions and overwhelming management costs stop you from reopening your business?

  • Having difficulty targeting safety initiatives, training programs, and corrective action plans to address the causes of unsafe behaviors and situations effectively?

  • Struggling with disorganized and low-quality observational data?

Safety Observation Solutions

Let’s lower the price but improve the workplace safety at the same time!

a man pick up in a restaurant with face mask on

Lower Management Cost

  1. New! With the Safety Observation SaaS model,
    – Faster installation at a lower price
    – No need to purchase extra hardware for your application
    – New release is implemented in real-time
  2. Only $5 per month per mobile user (minimum of 10 users)​
  3. Budget-friendly for small business
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Improve workplace safety

  1. Perform calculation of safety metrics, cause analysis, and predictive analysis
  2. Initiate corrective action programs
  3. Instant Report: take photos, upload, report with one click
  4. Digital Report: Generate reports, automatically send email and push notifications on mobile

Reduce person-to-person contact, but improve the work efficiency.

More Solutions

Safety Observation Software Features:

Dashboard Reporting-Safety Observation

Dashboard Reporting

Safety Observation mobile app

Mobile App

Safety Observation Report

Safety Observation Report

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