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Since the adoption of The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling chemicals globally, all hazardous chemicals must be accompanied with a GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS). To be certain of on-going compliance, our clients find that it’s important to check and see:

Is it time to complete the best practice three-year update on your SDS?

Have your formulas changed and you need to reflect that in your SDS?

Are your internal resources tasked with other priorities and you’re looking for support with guaranteed accuracy and agility?

Quantum Compliance can offer you the services you need to successfully manage updates to your SDS or create SDS for new products.

Update SDS Today

With Quantum SDS services you can be confident that you have a responsive resource that will quickly generate SDS for all your products, for any jurisdiction, at whatever level of volume you need.

Our chemical engineers and subject matter experts will oversee the creation of your SDS so you can be confident that it complies with all regulations. Every SDS will address each of the 16 sections of the required format including label elements indicating the correct pictograms and the hazard categories. We’ll make certain that your products are classified correctly under HazCom 2012 and details like indicating precautionary statements such as clean-up methods and personal protection recommendations will all be included.

Smart Services from Quantum

Choosing Quantum’s expert staff deploying our robust SDS software to create your SDS is a cost-effective solution that will save your company critical time. Above and beyond our 30 years of EHS experience, we offer:

  • Stringent review processes to assure accuracy
  • Trade Secret protection
  • CLP format for the European Union
  • Worldwide compliant SDS in 38 languages

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Connect with us today to enjoy pricing benefits for a limited-time-only.

  • For our new customers, benefit from a 10% discount on all SDS in your first order before July 15, 2021.
  • For our current customers, now through July 15, 2021, you’ll receive discounts on derivative products and on volumes of 10 or more SDS when you contact us.

Simply send us your product formula and physical properties, and our experienced authoring professionals will create a GHS-compliant SDS and get it back to you in 7 days—guaranteed.

Act today. Experience the Quantum difference.

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