EPA e-manifest Fees Have Increased Dramatically

Toxic Waste DrumsThe legislation that created the EPA’s e-manifest program mandated that the fee structure must be reviewed every 2 years. This review is based on the EPAs costs to run the program.

Per this schedule, the EPA announced the new fee structure on July 23rd 2019. The new fees will be effective from October 1st 2019 to September 30th 2021, as predicted in an earlier article, the fees have increased.

The new fees are:

  • $25.00 for paper manifests delivered via mail (formerly $15.00)
  • $20.00 for a scanned image of the entire manifest (formerly $10.00)
  • $14.00 for unsigned e-Manifests with a scanned image of the signed manifests (formerly $6.50)
  • $8.00 for an electronically-signed e-Manifests, with all data entered into the EPA’s system (formerly $5.00)

The difference in cost between an electronic submission and a mailed in submission is currently $10 per manifest, this will change to $17!

You may see the EPA’s announcement here.

Current e-Manifest Statistics

On May 28th, the EPA hosted an e-manifest web conference. They presented the following e-manifest statistics:

  • Over 1 million manifests submitted to date in the fiscal year.
  • Less than 2000 of them were fully electronic or hybrid submissions.
  • Finally, 200,000 of them were in categories paying $10 or more per manifest!

Most importantly, since the manual processing submissions are higher than originally expected, the new fees have been increased to cover the actual program expenses.

What Can You Do to Save Time and Money?

In conclusion, if your company is a TSDRF, and you provide paper manifests as a service to your customer, Quantum’s cost effective manifest software can help. With the software, users generate paper manifests and labels. With a click of a button, you can submit the data to the EPA’s RCRAInfo site. This will save you double data entry, and money on each manifest.

Please contact Quantum today for a demo and pricing information.


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