FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 1, 2016 – ANN ARBOR, MI – Quantum Compliance is pleased to announce that they have helped over 200 US chemical companies exceed GHS/HazCom compliance standards. By exceeding regulatory standards, Quantum helped their clients avoid violations and costly fines. Most importantly, Quantum set their clients on a path towards workplace safety success.

“We want to thank our clients for their continued faith and trust in Quantum,” said Quantum Compliance CEO, Jimmy Hsiao. “We are honored to have helped over 200 companies meet GHS compliance standards. The work we’ve done for our clients is extremely rewarding, as it adds immediate value to their workplace safety. Helping businesses operate safer, more efficiently, and more profitable is why we are here.”

Backed by their success in the US market, Quantum is now poised to help Canadian chemical companies take on the WHIMS transition set to end in 2017.

In 2015, Quantum partnered with NSF International and Labelmaster to host free webinars to educate the public of GHS/HazCom changes. The company received extremely positive feedback from attendees and has plans to host more webinars to help with Canada’s GHS/WHIMS transition. The planned seminars will be held free of charge.

In addition to GHS compliance solutions, Quantum offers many other software solutions for clients looking to improve upon their organization’s safety.   Quantum’s


About Quantum Compliance

Quantum Compliance’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) information management system enables companies worldwide to effectively store, retrieve, and analyze EHS data. In 2013 Quantum Compliance began offering MSDS conversion services to assist companies transitioning to GHS-compliant Safety Data Sheets. In addition to services, Quantum Compliance offers SDS software packages to allow customers the ability to perform in-house SDS conversion, authoring, and retrieval.

Quantum Compliance was awarded a Michigan Economic Bright Spots Award in 2015 for “improving the economy throughout the state of Michigan.”

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