Personalizing the GHS Conversion

While it is important to meet GHS standards as soon as possible, it may be difficult to transition to a standard system without losing company culture. Fortunately, GHS regulations leave room for customizations. The following factors on the sheets can be adjusted to match corporate branding messages:

Source; wikimedia commons

Source; wikimedia commons

Contact Information: Chemical suppliers, as well as emergency contact information, should be listed in section 1 of the SDS. Each company can decide which safety agency can be provided as support for accidents (e.g. DOT).

Logos: Logos are required, but can be personalized with a specific image. The image, as well as the location of the image, are completely customizable. Aesthetic fonts can be revised as well. However, it’s important to keep in mind that fonts must be easy to read.

Chemical Classifications: These can be personalized by assigning “proprietary” or “trade secret” status to certain components. It is up to the individual company to assess when it’s appropriate to mask proprietary ingredients and trade secrets.

The conversion process may feel overwhelming, however, there is plenty of flexibility to that companies can modify the SDS to reflect the branding strategy!


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