Are you still using a hazardous waste manifest and labeling solution that requires you to install on a PC, or worse yet, a solution that is not supported on the current Windows version?

Quantum’s Waste Manifest and Labeling software is web-based, with nothing to install, and can be used by any of your employees. With our solution, you can create a manifest in seconds. No more duplicate entry: define your waste streams once and select data from a drop-down to create a document.

Our Waste Manifest and Labeling software comes with:

  • Standardized forms in DOT-compliant format
  • Waste Labeling Support
  • Unlimited forms generation
  • Intuitive storage system & data autofill function
  • Electronic signature
  • Access from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Excellent customer support: video tutorials & free software updates

Quantum continues to sign up customers who previously used the Keller Soft® Waste Manifest and Label Maker (previously offered by JJ Keller). If you are using this product, or any other software with no current support, please contact us today for a software demonstration.

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