Why Is Our Software Smart?

Quantum Smart Software

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Why is Our software Smart?

Simply put: Because it’s what you need to succeed.

Our purpose as a company is to help secure a safe, healthy, and sustainable world.

We apply our expertise in software technology to create EHS solutions that enable you, our customers, to achieve compliance and realize efficiencies in the mission-critical ESH functions in your business.

To do that, our software must be smart.

What makes it smart?

Reflecting Customer Need

First it must be software that is grounded in insight about real customer need. A good idea is just that—an idea—unless it becomes a practical solution to a problem that a customer is facing. When the need and an idea to meet that need are connected, that’s where business momentum is generated.

Informed by Knowledge of the Industry

Having knowledge about an industry and applying it within the software is critical. For example, our domain knowledge of the chemical industry has informed how we shape our software and what the contextual nuances are that can make the software truly valuable. With this knowledge we can apply algorithms that perform needed functions and generate accurate answers more quickly.

Accessing a Robust Database

Data is important but It must be data that is relevant, accurate and comprehensive. While no data set is ever complete in a growing industry like EHS, we are continuously updating the database so that it is a truly reliable source.

Whether you adopt our enterprise level EHS integrated software system built on a business foundation where data entered once is accessible by all modules, or you choose one of our products like Q-SDS with its GHS database that is touched every day to keep current regulation requirements around the world, you can be confident that Quantum delivers a rich data environment.

Always Applying Learning

We continuously improve the usefulness of our product by continuously learning. We apply learnings we’ve made in the field with updates in the software itself. Because smart product is product that is always being improved, we’re so thankful for our customer user-group feedback. Their input is absolutely critical in helping us make ongoing enhancements.

Crafted to be Intuitive and Easy to Use

These are human factors where design thinking comes in. How do we make it easy to use, intuitive, pleasing to the eye so that the experience enhances the user’s work? These are all considered within our development process.

Developed through a Multi-disciplinary Process

Our software is developed within a highly collaborative agile process. This proprietary development process, Q-Drive, leverages deep customer insight to power forward users and insures that every software product from Quantum is built to meet market need.

Delivers an Integrated System Solution

Our enterprise offering provides clients with a comprehensive approach to EHS tools. This system is based on a foundation which allows an “enter data once” approach. The various modules in Chemical, Safety, Environment and Health can all pull from the same customer data. This generates “smart” efficiencies across the system.

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