Quantum Compliance Announces Latest Software Update: No Stress SDS


Plymouth, Michigan, July 15, 2022

Faster, Safer, and All-Inclusive. Meet Quantum’s No Stress SDS. Our updated Q-SDS software that will help you create GHS compliant SDS without the hassle, headache, or stress normally involved in the process. This software is available to both new and existing customers. It will add value and provide solutions to anyone that handles hazardous chemicals.

Four Features

With Quantum’s No Stress SDS, you can say goodbye to stressful shipping because our software operates in a quick and easy fashion. It has the ability to generate multiple SDS in a matter of minutes with little data input. This means that you can prioritize what matters most to you while our software handles the detailed regulations of the 700-page GHS document.

Investing in numerous software packages will become a thing of the past with Quantum’s one stop shop design that includes 38 languages and 19 templates for creative customization. Our made like adaptations and formula variations also ensure that you won’t have to worry about entering data twice for each and every region. Plus, No Stress SDS can also interface with third party software such as Microsoft Office, ERP, and REACH.

Our software is also even more accessible than ever before as it is cloud-based so that you can work from the office, your home, or your favorite cafe. However, we did not trade ease for security. Your data will be protected by requiring employees to input their proper login and password before any company material can be accessed. We go a step further by ensuring that your information is maintained on its own secure server separate from other companies. In addition to this, our software is also equipped with the ability to hide proprietary chemical information.

Lastly, installing No Stress SDS software and the onboarding process can be accomplished seamlessly in as little as one day. Two training sessions led by software experts will walk you through creating your own SDS as well as providing you with the opportunity to generate one yourself and ask any questions along the way. Quantum’s unsurpassed customer support also guarantees that your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Stop stressing and start creating your GHS compliant No Stress SDS today!

Quantum Compliance has served the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) market since 1983 with “no-hassle” EHS management solutions including SDS authoring software and services, and chemical management software. These solutions have proven to reduce risk and create cost-saving efficiencies in GHS compliance. What differentiates Quantum is the combination of its understanding of the global chemical industry with its smart technology. Quantum works with Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized corporations around the world. Our diverse team of safety professionals, talented developers, and managing leaders all work in sync to provide a custom solution. For more information on Quantum’s No Stress Q-SDS product, contact Steve Russie at steven.russie@usequantum.com or go to https://usequantum.com/chemical-management-solution/sds-authoring-software/.


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